Canopée guitars is a one man guitar shop. Vincent started to make his first guitar in 1998 with some old Mahognay plank his father brought back from Africa in the 70’s! They were lying under the house. This was the beginning of a long road which brought him from France to Canada. After spending one year learning acoustic guitar making with a local luthier, our friend decided to start making guitars on his own.

His passion for semi-hollow guitars like the 335 and acoustic guitars brings him to develop the SEL guitar, a perfect mix between the acoustic guitar making and the laminate top semi-hollow of the 60’s. His love for wood and ecology also drives him to make some guitar out of recycled wood and to develop a way to waste wood as little as possible for the SEL model.

Furthermore, making it possible to order a guitar customizable in almost every aspect was the priority as he always wanted to be able to have such a thing for himself.