Q: What is the base price of a Canopée custom guitar?

A. All SEL model start Can$4500 and Recycled models are Can$2000. The price may increase if you choose very specific (expensive) pickups, inlays or hardware.

Q: How can I order a Custom Guitar?
A. Assuming you have at least a basic idea, you can fill up the form on the SEL guitar page to help you narrow your choices. Then contact me (the form is sent to me anyway) using the contact form. I’ll be pleased to discuss with you to find the best suitable options for you.

Q: Can I visit your workshop?
A. Visiting the workshop could be a great idea. We could speak and find what option would be the best for a custom guitar for you. You could also choose some piece of wood for your guitar. Please contact me before to schedule a visit.

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit to be on the waiting list?
A. Yes, you have to pay your deposit to reserve your place on the waiting list.

Q: When the specifications are selected and my deposit is paid, can I change my specifications?
A. We try to accommodate requests to change specifications when possible before we start building the guitar, but this is not always possible if materials or hardware have already been ordered. Some superficial changes can also be made after we start building the guitar, but in both cases your guitar may then be completed at a later date. We will inform you in a timely manner if significants changes are to be expected in the final price.

Q: Can I provide my own or personally purchased boutique pickups, electronics or hardware?
A. Yes, please provide as much details as possible in your initial inquiry. Please note that most of the time the hardware will need to be received at the workshop before we can start building the guitar. We do not deliver incomplete instruments with separate hardware/pickups for you to install yourself.

Deposits & Instalments

To order a Canopée custom guitar, you will first need to provide a deposit to secure your place on the waiting list. Deposits  are generally around 25% minimum, but not limited to that amount, and are non-refundable for custom made guitars. We will require the balance payment of the instrument upon the completion of the guitar, but you can pay additional instalments while waiting for the guitar to be finished if you wish to.

Waiting List

When you submit your request for a quote using the above mentioned methods, an average delay (in months) will be provided, i.e. the waiting period between making your deposit and your guitar being completed based on the our workload at the time of your submission. The level of  difficulty in making guitars varies, based on the different builds, so the timescale indicated is strictly estimated. We will make every effort to comply with this delay, but the delivery date cannot be guaranteed. There are several factors to take into account in the making of a guitar, such as execution time of custom hardware or just our very busy workload and schedules! We are very proud of our products, so we would prefer to take a little more time on your guitar than to deliver it hastily.

Sometimes customers are forced to postpone the build of their guitar for personal reasons, such as when they have more important things to pay suddenly. If the start date of your build is coming up or if it is due to be completed soon and you want to postpone it, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know so we can move on to the next guitar on our waiting list.

Shipping, Insurance & Import Duty

Products can be shipped worldwide (subject to carrier’s restrictions).

Customers are responsible for all delivery and shipping fees. An estimate of the shipping cost will be provided as well as a quote request for customs unless customers live close enough to us to pick up the guitar in  person, which is the cheapest and safest option. Quotes are calculated using current prices of an average guitar size and weight, which is why prices are approximate. Please bear in mind that carriers sometimes increase prices during the 10 to 14 month period the build of your guitar will take. We encourage you to make your own arrangements for your instrument to be picked up if you have a regular carrier with an account.


Insurance for this type of instrument can be tricky since several carriers limit the maximum value at Can$2000. We opt for making insurance not mandatory by packing guitars very carefully, but you can get extra insurance even if it can be much more expensive. This is why we want to pack our guitars ourselves to be on the safe side. We would not want to risk not packing the guitar properly to save on shipping costs!

Import Duty

Customers are responsible for all customs and import duties and taxes.


Canopée guitars come with a Lifetime Guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship for the original owner. For any problems with guitar parts, pickups or hardware, please contact us and we will try to help you replace them, since manufacturers warranties vary.