The SEL model is why Canopée guitars exist… This model is inspired by the old 60’s laminated archtop jazz guitars. But here you have solid back and side, like on an acoustic guitar. I really love the harmonics/overtones you get from these guitars and also the fact less wood is wasted using this method for making guitars.

I also now make this model with arched laminated back and laminated side for more volume.

I always dreamed of a semi-hollow that could be customized in almost every aspects. So that’s why I encourage you to fill out the form to ensure true customization of your dream guitar.

In 2019, I introduced a new model (MOD), more modern two cutaway type of guitar because there was some demand and I loved the idea.

SEL and MOD are juste the model name, you can choose any name you want for your guitar, I can even inlay it if you want.

Please start by filling up the contact form at the bottom of the page, it will be a good start for your project discussion. 🙂

Basic options:

  • Solid back and laminated side like on an acoustic guitar or arched laminated back and laminated side.
  • Arched laminated top
  • Wood binding
  • Your choice of scale length (base is 24,625″) , neck shape (base is C), pickups (base is 2 humbuckers), tuners…